If you are considering acting, singing or dance classes for your child aged 4-7 then Acting Academy is the right choice for you. Acting Academy develops confidence, self esteem and emotional awareness. Our weekly classes are designed to build confidence and teach life skills that will be invaluable in your child’s future. Each week your child will learn acting, singing and dance taught by a wonderful team of teachers.

Children are encouraged to think creatively and from a young age develop their own style of acting, dancing and singing. We are always introducing performing arts skills. Acting Academy classes are small, Taught by a team of teachers hand picked for their energy and professionalism.

They will focus on your child's enthusiasm and engagement and help them reach an excellent standard of acting, singing and dance. They will be with your child every step of the way. Each week students do classes in acting, singing and dance.The students are simply amazing at formulating ideas and developing their own unique creativity and individuality. Students are taught to develop their listening skills and work as a group. We often use puppets with this age group which is a wonderful way to introduce children to acting. We are so impressed by how talented and enthusiastic our young people are. From the age of four children start learning about a range of dramaturgical techniques.The aim is to encourage students on this fun journey.

Class structure

Our classes for 4 - 7s are divided into three parts.


We use lots of specially developed exercises and games to unlock the imagination, release inhibitions and develop confidence. In this class we work on improvisation, character development and storytelling. Children often work in groups and they self direct their own performance pieces. This is wonderful for their confidence as they see their ideas take shape with the help of their classmates.We also do script work in this class and each year all children perform in our annual show produced and performed in a professional theatre.


We start with a warm up and end with a cool down. Acting Academy works on many forms of dance including hip hop, musical theater, street dance and contemporary. We work on children’s co-ordination, balance and stability as they grow.We are always working with a goal in mind. This class have created music videos and always have excellent choreography for our end of year production.


In this class we start off with a warm up specially designed to release the potential of your child’s speaking and singing voice.

Speech is the cornerstone of much communication wheather it is in life or on stage and a great speaking or singing voice is a valuable life skill. We work on many current songs which the children love as well as musical theater and indeed some original tracks which we have performed in our show.