Why Singing What Are The Benefits?

Acting  Academy considers all the creative arts to be a fundamental asset to you child’s overall education and development. A strong speaking and singing voice is a real asset and at Acting Academy we work towards developing this skill in our students. Singing class is so much fun and is very popular with our students. It is a great class to make friends and have fun.

Helps Build Self Discipline

 One of the best things about singing lessons is the ability to build self-discipline.


It’s Fun

At Acting Academy we find children have so much fun in singing class. When children join we find by giving your children the gift of being able to learn how to sing, you will be giving them a productive and fun activity to spend their time on.

Excellent For The Brain

When children sing the brain performs several tasks at once. This develops memory. Children need to remember lyrics, remember cues, remember tunes. The brain learns to be able to handle several tasks at once which is a wonderful brain exercise.Singing releases endorphins in the brain which makes it a feel good activity.


It helps a child learn to concentrate on a task.One of our favourite benefits of children singing is that it can help to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.