7 Jul by Priyanka Dahiya


Lauren blogs about keeping up her fitness and training during lockdown

When everything closed and stopped last year, it felt like the first time I wasn’t dancing nearly every day for hours. Like most people, I enjoyed having some time off for the first two weeks – but after that I was ready to get back into it. I had decided I would never forgive myself if I didn’t use this time wisely and productively. I decided to focus a lot on my flexibility and expanding my choreography skills.

I took online classes with choreographers from BASE dance studios and Studio 68 London, as I usually train with them in person a few times a year, especially in summer. While I missed training with them in person, the training was still intense and highly choreography based. I also took many zoom classes from Brian Friedman and Erica Klein from LA, and Brian Friedman posted and tagged me on his Instagram story!

All this training kept my dance fitness up and kept my passion during the lockdowns. I spent time preparing different choreography pieces for future shows that I am so excited about. I am over the moon to be back teaching in person and not on zoom anymore, there is nothing else like the atmosphere in the room while everyone is dancing together in unison.