Why Dance What Are The Benefits?

Acting Academy considers all the creative arts to be a fundamental asset to your child’s overall education and development. Dance class is a fun way to keep your child fit and healthy while having lots of fun. Good fluid movement is so beneficial to the physical development of every child. Dance is a wonderful way to learn about rhythm and self expression. Acting Academy encourages all students to practice dance on a weekly basis.

Staying physically healthy.

Dance is an aerobic activity. It is a fun way for children to get the exercise they need. Dancing helps improve flexibility,posture and muscle tone. Studies have shown physically fit children do better academically.

ExcellentFor the brain.

Dance class is excellent for the brain. We focus and learn choreography while moving in time to music which is a wonderful help for learning and memory.


Working well with others is an essential tool for children to learn. While dancing we are all part of a team, children must communicate and collaborate with their classmates to complete exercises and perform.

Self Expression.