Why Acting? What Are The Benefits?

Acting Academy  considers drama and all the creative arts to be a fundamental asset to your child's overall education and development. There are many benefits to drama lessons that help enrich your child’s learning journey. Drama class  helps them develop key skills that can be transferred to other lessons and even throughout life. Creative people do really well  in life. Thinking creatively and the buzz phrase “thinking outside the box” is such an asset in any career  and drama class can help develop this way of thinking. Here is some more information about the importance of drama classes.

Confidence boost

Acting develops confidence. Performing whether with a group of peers or in front of an audience boosts your child’s confidence. Drama lessons in a safe and structured environment where your child feels comfortable will develop great confidence.

Teamwork and listening

During each Acting Academy acting lesson, students are encouraged to listen to one another's thoughts and ideas. Concentration, listening and co-operation are all crucial life skills. Teamwork is an important skill and so important in any walk of life your child chooses in their future.

Developing valuable skills

As you can see, acting lessons are an excellent activity for your child. Acting can help children in their school life and is so much fun and a break from learning in the everyday school setting.