7 Jul by Priyanka Dahiya


In October  before lockdown, Acting Academy was invited to perform in the 3 arena. I cannot tell you what fun we had that night. When I was asked at first it was for 15 performers to dance to “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. If anyone knows the video they do have young people dancing in the video so the brief was to pretty much copy that. Easy peasy. But now the difficult part was which  15 performers as we had 30 in Acting Academy Advanced Swords but after a quick chat with the promoters they agreed that I could bring everyone and I am so glad we could because it was a night I and them will never forget.

So we met up in swords and hopped on our bus. On the way we were excited but also a little nervous. Everyone was dressed in jeans and white t-shirt. When we arrived we were brought backstage. We were to perform after “East 17” who were on stage when we arrived. The noise side stage was deafening but electric. The crowd was cheering. The venue was packed to full capacity. The energy coming from the audience was thrilling.

East 17 finished and the kids of Acting Academy Advanced Swords took to the stage. Was their Acting coach crying, yes she was I could not have been more proud. They were incredible. 

What seemed like seconds later we were ushered back stage and back onto the bus. The students went crazy. We were all on a complete high. We had lots of sweets, lots of chat and an amazing experience.

It is these experiences that make life full. During lockdown I thought about this night often and simply cannot wait until our theatres re-open and we can do it all again.